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If you are looking for sod installation sod or mulch in Utah you have come to the right place! Sod King offers sod for sale with fast and professional sod installation in the Lehi, Farmington, Salt Lake City and South Jordan areas. Give us a call or text us at 801-203-3035.

Growing Sod in a Shady Yard

First it important to choose the right sod and take care of it properly. Our sod professionals can help you decide what would be a good sod for your yard. We recommend having a thick, healthy turfgrass lawn for longevity.

Shade is one of the most challenging landscape issues because transporting some sods to a shady area can shock the grass. We offer varieties of sod that are top-ranked for shade performance and shade-tolerant grasses. Grass and sod in shade may receive only around 4 hours of sun per day which is why it is critical for certain types of sods to be used in these types of environments.

Certain types of shade performing sod can not only survive but thrive in these conditions.

Shade Area Beneath Trees and Tall Shrubs

Shady areas beneath trees and tall shrubs can be brightened up by pruning limbs, and thinning the canopy above the sod and grass to allow for sunlight to penetrate through helping keep the turn below healthy. It is also a good idea to remove lower branches and raise the canopy above the sod areas.

Due to Utah’s (in particular the Salt Lake City area) being a desert and dry large trees and shade on yards can help reduce cost from watering a lawn. If you plan to have shade in your yard from trees it is important to consider the sod variety you select. For additional information on what would be the best sod variety for your yard give us a call or text us at 801-203-3035.

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