Low Maintenance Plants for Your Yard

Low Maintenance Plants for Your Yard

A beautiful lawn can be just the thing to take your property to the next level. While many types of grass and plants require a bit of maintenance, there are others that can be maintained with a more hands-off approach. If you do not want to constantly worry about what needs to be done to your lawn, then here is some foliage to plant.

Low Maintenance Grasses

 Installing drought-resistant grass is great if you want your property to conserve on water. Some varieties to look into include:

  • Fescues
  • Bahia
  • Buffalo
  • Augustine
  • Bermuda
  • Zoysia

The amount of mowing you will need to perform for each type will vary. For example, Bermuda grass needs to be mowed often, but buffalo grass grows slowly.

Low Maintenance Plants

 Low maintenance flowers are more than simply beautiful. They can also save you money in the long run due to reduced costs of watering and pruning. Here are several excellent plants to consider for your yard.

  • Sedum
  • Pasque flower
  • Lantana
  • Yucca
  • Butterfly bush
  • Beard tongue

When in doubt, you should conduct research to see what plants are native to your city. These will be flowers indigenous to the area, so they often grow perfectly well with the climate you already have.

Reasons to Opt for Low Maintenance

 Low maintenance plants are great for first-time gardeners. When you have just secured your first property, you may want to beautify it but do not know where to begin. With low maintenance flowers, you can plant them in the yard to see how they grow. They require a smaller investment, so if it does not end up working out, then you can remove them without having spent a lot of money.

Get the right sod for your new plants by hiring Sod King to deliver high-quality sod right to your doorstep. We even provide installation services, so the amount of work you have to do is minimized. Call or Text us today! (801) 203-3035.

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