When do I water my lawn?

When Do I Water My Lawn and for How Long?

Lawns are a source of pride for many homeowners. No matter what type of grass you get, you will need to water it every so often. While it may seem like a simple task, many property owners do not understand the proper way to water grass. This can either result in damaged foliage or increased water bills. Here are some tips to ensure you get the most out of your watering.

Water in the Early Morning

 The best time to set off your sprinklers is early in the morning. The air will be cooler, so the moisture will have a chance to seep into the soil and really get into the roots of the grass. If you water in the afternoon when it is hotter, then the water will likely evaporate before it gets a chance to seep down. If you water in the evening, then the water will remain on the grass overnight, which can result in various fungi developing.

Water in Long Intervals

 Depending on the type of grass and soil your lawn has, you may need to alter the amount of water you use. However, a good general rule of thumb to start with involves watering for 30 minutes. After another 30 minutes when the soil has soaked in the moisture, you should water again for an additional half hour. Due to variation in sprinkler heads, its easier to measure water needs in inches.

Avoid Watering Too Much

 A big mistake to make is to assume that more water is better when it comes to the health of your grass. In actuality, the signs of underwater look the same as overwatering. It can also cause your grass to have a shallower root system. Ideally, the roots should be deep, where soil temperature stay more even and water is more available.

You want to follow the Goldilocks principle when watering your yard. You do not want too much or too little.  Here is a good general rule of thumb.

  • April, May, & June- 1″ -1.5 ” per week   (* don’t forget rain counts!)
  • July & August –  1″ -1.5″ per week
  • September  –  1″ -1.5 ” per week
  • Early November – no more need for water, there is enough left in the soil

Additionally, you will want to right type of sod, which you can acquire from Sod King.

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