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Maintain a Healthy Lawn With These Helpful Tips 

 Whether you’re a homeowner or a commercial property manager, there’s nothing more enticing than a lush, beautiful green lawn. A gorgeous lawn doesn’t happen by accident; there are several habits you need to add to your lawn maintenance routine to get your grass looking picture perfect. Here are top lawn maintenance tips from the experts at Sod King.

Start With Healthy Soil   

 A green and supple lawn needs a strong foundation below it, healthy soil. You should start by removing any weeds and testing your lawn’s pH and composition for best results. Till the soil to boost your drainage, and add any topsoil where needed. Then, either lay down sod or start fresh with grass seed.

Mow Your Grass With Care   

Once your grass has reached an appropriate length, it’s time to mow. Your mowing schedule will vary with the season and the precipitation. In some rainier parts of the country, you may need to mow once a week. Don’t cut your grass too short; longer grass is healthier and easier to maintain. And don’t forget!  Sharpen those mower blades.  Dull mowers cause damage to grass stems and can cause an unhappy and unhealthy lawn.

Water the Lawn Right! 

That perfect green color most property owners are looking for also requires the right amount of water.  Be careful not to water too much as well; your lawns need change as the seasons change. Effective lawn watering also keeps the soil fresh and vibrant, so make sure your watering method gives your grass and soil enough moisture.  Sprinkler heads are not all created equal, so make sure you know how much water per hour your sprinklers put out.  Deep watering also encourages deep root growth, so longer watering, less often is great for your lawn.

Add Fertilizer and Weed Removal to Your Routine 

Just like you need more than water, so does your grass.  Fertilizer is the last ingredient to get a great lawn. At a minimum, make sure you apply fertilizer twice a year, during the spring and the fall. A good fertilizer should help your lawn and soil retain the vitamins and nutrients that may have been lost from the elements. Find a fertilizer that has sulfur, copper, phosphate, nitrogen, potassium and chelated iron to get your lawn that garden magazine cover look.

If you aren’t happy with the way your lawn looks, sod from Sod King may be your answer. Call us today at 801-203-3035 to get a quote for your property from one of our team members.

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