Sod Preparation

SOD Preparation Guide:

  • Soil prep is very important in the success of the sod and establishing a lawn. Soil preparation can only be done once before laying your sod. Follow these guidelines to increase your success with sod.
  • Clear all weeds and debris from area. The use of Round-Up or other weed killers to remove pesky weeds can be done before sod is laid. Just make sure to follow all warnings and guidelines on product.
  • We recommend a minimum depth of quality top soil to be 2-4 inches prior to installation of sod.
  • Level and grade entire sod area. Soil should be graded to about one inch below concrete.
  • Water soil to allow proper settling of ground and any trenches made prior to sod installation. Such as sprinkler or power trenches.
  • Lightly rake soil before installation to allow proper contact between sod and soil.
  • Make sure soil preparation is complete before your sod arrives. Sod is perishable and should be installed within 24 hours of delivery.

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