The Science behind Sod

There are many variations of Sod for your yard. Our Utah Sod Farm grows three variations of sod and we offer varying mulch products as well based on your landscaping needs.

Sod variations include King Blue Kentucky Bluegrass, King Green Fescue, King Silver Hybrid. These various sods contain top seed varieties in all categories, excellent wear tolerance, disease resistance, and much more.

King Blue Kentucky Bluegrass Sod

Our mixture of bluegrass combines top seed varieties in all categories. This mix gives excellent wear tolerance, disease resistance, and of course color! Excellent farming practices combined with rich fertile fields located at optimal growing elevation ensures that we provide the absolute best product possible for Utah. Click to learn more about Kentucky Bluegrass sod in Utah

King Green Fescue Sod

Our fescue sod is a no netting in sod production which is safer for athletes since there is no netting to catch on cleats. Safer on the environment by eliminating the need for netting and provides superior density, dark color, and fine leaf texture. Those looking to purchase sod from a sod farm in Utah might consider Fescue sod for its improved quality, adaptation, and the various locations of use for sod.

King Silver Hybrid Sod Specs

Our hybrid sod provides less mowing and little upkeep.  It is a great choice for turf production, athletic fields, golf course roughs, residential construction. After decades of breeding for a very compact canopy that also upholds the Jacklin reputation for top-quality turf-performance.

For additional information on what would be the best sod variety for your yard give us a call or text us at 801-203-3035.

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